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Create a Legacy of Good Work for Others to Build On.

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Learn the 3 definitive strategies transformational leaders are using to manage complexity

What are the benefits of membership?

Sharpen your ability to perceive and understand what you are facing. Craft the irrefutable logic you need to proceed.

Expand how you analyze challenges and communicate what needs to be done.

Create the compelling invitation that encourages others to collaborate with you.

Shepard your team’s plan to follow through, maintain helpful relationships, and coordinate with competing priorities.

What are the benefits?


Sharpen your ability to perceive and understand what you are facing. Craft the irrefutable logic you need to proceed.


Expand how you analyze challenges and communicate what needs to be done.
Create the compelling invitation that encourages others to collaborate with you.


Shepard your team’s plan to follow through, maintain helpful relationships, and coordinate with competing priorities.

Why join our community of leaders?

Leading your teams through complex challenges is hard..

Understanding what will work, dealing with different opinions, and having limited resources can be barriers to your vision. If it doesn’t go well, explaining why is never comfortable. Fortunately, there is a way of working better together that can help you navigate the rocky road to success.

We have over 20 years of experience and over 200 client projects. We’ve helped thousands of people in government, corporations, NGO’s and universities come together to do what needs to be done. Collaborative Transformation was born out of the work done by our clients and our team to create an ecosystem of experimentation and innovation. Today, Collaborative Transformation is a proven collection of tools and methods for leaders like you who want to accomplish meaningful change and leave a legacy of good work for others to build on. Collaborative Transformation is designed to deal with any challenge where working well together is what will make the difference. It’s all about people.

Your membership in our learning community will give you access to new leadership skills and tools that expand: How you perceive your challenge, How you analyze complexity and prepare to work with others to deal with it, and How you plan and equip your team to follow through in the midst of other priorities1. We call these three simple steps “Be-Prepare-Do”.
The world needs meaningful, effective change. We are excited to be transforming from a consulting practice where we solved one problem at a time to a learning community that teaches, supports, and advises leaders who share our vision for a better world. We hope to empower others to do more good in the world by showing more leaders what has worked so well for us over the past two decades.

We look forward to working alongside you as you embrace fulfilling your vision for the world.

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We Love Happy Clients
Here is what they are saying:

“Christina is an expert facilitator, mentor, and trainer who helps leaders and their teams achieve clear alignment on developing their visions into achievable goals. Key to her particular approach are methods that flesh out stakeholders’ understanding of the objectives such that resistance and confusion are minimized while the resulting alignment leads to faster and more efficient implementation.  In particular, she finds meaning in projects that benefit the common good where the efforts leading to success have a wide impact on society.”

-Doug S. Executive Coach

Christina is a big, bold & disruptive thinker who excels in complex, difficult & unstable conversations.  What strikes me is her ability to listen & hear what is being said, then translate that insight into design aspiration and action. Christina helped the Government of Canada develop the first public service persons with disabilities strategy. It was ground breaking in Canada. Change is tough. Christina helps make it happen.

Chrystia C. Chief Design Officer

Christina is possibly the finest strategic change agent I’ve ever met. Her fundamental understanding of how to engage the human condition to drive complex whole-system change is unparalleled.

-Phil C., Strategic Change Advisor

Christina is passionate about transformational change and enjoys coaching others on how to develop approaches that will lead to successful adoption of sustainable solutions.  Christina is a remarkable strategic thinker. She can quickly assess organizations and the systems they operate within. Christina has been a mentor/coach of mine for 6 years. This has been a real gift and I encourage anyone to approach her and ask about her philosophies on complexity and why it matters when it comes to solving today’s problems.

-Anne-Marie P. Manager Strategy and Decision Support

“Christina is a great communicator, and has an amazing knack of getting to the heart of the problem. Her abilities in generating creative thinking within teams are superior to any I have seen. Without hesitation I recommend Christina to anyone who is grappling with organizational issues that seem too large to overcome.

-David W. Cybersecurity Innovation and Infrastructure Development

We are at work developing the following:

Online Training
Progress through each step of the Be-Prepare-Do learning experience at your own pace. To complete each lesson: watch a video, listen to a podcast, or read the text. Use milestones to track your progress

Community Support Group
Collaborate with other leaders, share ideas, and offer mutual support to other members of our online community.

Join Christina as she answers your questions and reviews case studies.

Blueprints, Checklists, and Templates
Download tools to get you started, make sure you don’t miss anything, and stay on track.

Frequently asked questions
Review answers that helped others with similar questions.

Access to Coaching and Mentoring
Benefit from optional one-on-one support from Christina.

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How Much Will It Cost?

For the moment we just want to stay in touch with you and understand the primary concerns you have for managing complex change. This will help us design the learning community you need to succeed as a transformational leader.

There is no cost to register, receive our helpful newsletters or to join the upcoming webinars on transformational leadership.

Later this year, you will receive an exclusive, limited time invitation to become a founding member of the Collaborative Transformation Leader’s Guild. As a Founding member you will receive lifetime access to the Guild’s learning community for a one-time fee.

Once everything we promised is in place, limited membership in the Collaborative Transformation Leader’s Guild will be open at specific times each year. If you did not become a founding member, you may join at any of those times for a monthly subscription fee. Membership may be cancelled at any time.

Founding members who remain in the community will always have lifetime access at no additional charge.

Have questions for me, or perhaps just feel like saying hi? I would LOVE to hear from you! Fill out the form below and let me know:
What are the key challenges you face as a leader when managing complex challenges?  If you had a magic wand what would you use it for?

About Christina Marie Comeau

I am passionate about helping you achieve your Vision.

I developed my leadership and strategic planning skills as a senior Air Force officer and then as Vice President of a 1200-person management consulting company. I believe that transformational leadership requires a more collaborative and a less directive approach.  So, I’ve researched better ways to arrive at solutions when the situation is complex,  the people are diverse, and resources are limited.

I’ve spent 20 years developing Collaborative Transformation® in service to leaders in government, business, non-government organizations (NGOs) and universities.

The time has come for me to share my experience and techniques with you, so that together we may contribute to a better world.

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