ideas about co-creating innovative solutions to complex challenges

Why Engage Stakeholders?

Engaging stakeholders is valuable to your organization for a few reasons: 1. It helps you stay relevant and connected Stakeholders no longer want to be “consulted”; they want to be engaged meaningfully in setting new directions and shaping organizations.  This means that organizations need to do things differently to stay relevant and connected to their […]

Fast-Tracking Partnerships

I recently had the opportunity to exchange ideas with a group of Ontario CEOs at the annual Wisdom Exchange conference.  My topic at the conference was “Fast Tracking Partnerships”. I’ve noticed that many organizations today are seeking to establish partnerships but sometimes find that intentions can get stalled as the players work to agree on […]

About Collaboration

I was invited by the Telfer School of Management in Ottawa to speak to a group of undergraduate management students. The following presents my views on the definition of “Collaboration”. Saying you are collaborating, does not mean that you are. We’ve run into this one a lot over the last year.  These three words seem […]

15 Things that Make for Collaborative Cultures

The skill most needed by Visionary Leaders is the ability to surf the edge of chaos. They demonstrate this skill by having the courage to convene their collaborators, the finesse to engage them fully, and the tenacity to sustain their momentum. IN GENERAL: The Principles of Collaboration apply: 1. Convene, engage and sustain. Adapt your […]